Sex dating in sunnyside california

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This is a true story, and it's unfortunately not uncommon.

Now, law enforcement agencies have started to recognize that most prostitutes are victims who were brought into a life of trading sex for money when they were young and impressionable, and they don't know how to escape.

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A couple of days ago we highlighted some of the ridiculous new state laws that will go into effect across the country starting today (see "Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous New State Laws That Will Take Effect January 1st - Happy New Year! And while there was plenty of lunacy noted within the post, apparently we overlooked one of California's finest achievements of 2016, namely the legalization of child prostitution. California's liberal lawmakers in Sacramento are certainly well left of center and maybe a bit kooky but they would never do something quite that ridiculous.

Well, we had the same thought so we decided to track down the actual text of the legislation, Senate Bill No.

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