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they all worked flawlessly.i can't stand going thru TSA security, so i leave as much stuff home as possible, especially my laptop.i bring a RPi and a few other gadgets to keep busy, and now, thanks in part to your instructable, i have one more toy to play with and still leave my laptop behind!As you just saw, it is very easy to write, compile and upload a sketch to an Arduino with an Android device. Your Jan Henrik have a few old android devices kicking around, i plan to connect one and see what happens.And here a big THANK YOU to Anton Smirnov who created the apps for Android! you have a touch screen, accelerometer, GPS, compass, many built in sensors on just your average smart phone. thanks for posting and fueling the fires of imagination :-)there is a processing app in the google playstore.

The most reliable delineation of is based on the comparison of near-full-length 16S r RNA gene sequences (17) or concatenated sequences of housekeeping gene fragments (16, 18). Feel free to comment and to visit my other websites!(why they ever changed it from the Android Market, i have no idea ;-) )an update, i did connect my android device successfully to an UNO, a Micro, and a 3.3 volt Pro Mini thru an FTDI cable.However, these methods are labor intensive and too expensive for routine use.A number of studies have, therefore, attempted to identify and evaluate suitable assays for rapid and inexpensive identification of and 16S r RNA gene sequences (1,142 nucleotides [nt] combined) left 11 isolates unidentified (“fuzzy species”); thus, the true performance of the PCR assays could not be calculated.

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